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And in fact, most cheap offers are only available with a long-term contract. (And if you just want a quick tl;dr: Take Vodafone. I’ve used them for years, they are pretty cheap and their customer service never disappointed me, even called me back on my mobile number after I had an issue.) Here’s some bad news: Starting a DSL contract can take up to 3 weeks because your provider often first needs to get back to the company owning the phone lines in your house. Good day. I’m Uzoma. I have contact with Blau. Which I’m happy it. But have to wait till the end of the contract. I want to know if is possible to transfer my contact and number to another network. Thank you Achtung, die jeweiligen Bereiche sind zu unterschiedlichen Zeiten erreichbar. Ihr könnt auch immer eine E-Mail mit Eurer Frage an senden. CHECK24 bietet Euch einen umfangreichen Kundenservice mit individueller Expertenberatung und hat viele unterschiedliche Ansprechpartner für die jeweiligen Bereiche, in denen Ihr Beratung sucht.

Auf findet Ihr unter Kontakt die Telefonnummern und E-Mail-Adressen für Berater in den folgenden Kategorien mit entsprechenden Unterpunkten: Hello Raj, You can read more about mobile number portability here: hi! i cancelled my contract with o2. Many internet connections never use their full bandwidth, so before you subscribe to you own contract paying maybe 20 EUR per month, you might consider finding a friendly neighbour who is willing to share his or her connection for maybe 10 EUR. Now I want to use the same number but with Congster. How to do it? I have no contract with Vodafone (I just bought only the SIM card online). When ever I don’t have enough money in my sim, I use to recharge for 15 Euros. Yes, there is usually a fee of around 25€, or as in Vodafone’s case 29.99€. But you usually get the 25€ back from your new provider (as credit). In case of a prepaid card, you pay the fee with your available credit, so you should make sure that you have enough credit available (29.99€ or more) on your sim card. Congstar template for an early mobile number portability 2. Cancel your contract and request portability after termination Is it possible to transfer a landline number to a mobile provider? hier geht es um check24 und der sofortbonus wird von check24 überwiesen (ninja) Die CHECK24 Vergleichsportal GmbH wurde 1999 als Start-Up gegründet. hi! i cancelled my contract with o2. it ends in a few days.

I would like to make a new contract with 1&1, but would like to take my old number with me. How long does it actually take from the time you sign the contract to activating the phone with the old number? It says that the sim card should arrive after 2-3 days, but still didnt understand when does my old phone number is activated. best wishes! Hagar 1. Cancel your current contract and request immediate portability You should end your current plan in time, so that you don’t have to pay for two phone plans. Once you have cancelled the contract, you can take your phone number to other providers even 120 days before your contract actually ends.

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